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Twenty8 Marketing is on a mission to change the marketing world. We are a vibrant and creative team committed to providing the best marketing solutions for our clients.

Available Positions:

Business Coach: Are you an experienced business coach who has a history of assisting companies succeed? Come with us as we direct our clients towards success.

Consultants: We are looking for experienced consultants who can give useful advice and direction to our clients.

Graphics Design: If you have a good aesthetic sense and love to create captivating visuals, we want you to join our creative team.

Photographers: As a part of our photography team, capture moments that matter and turn them into effective visual stories.

SEO and Google Strategists: In addition, join us in the experience of developing search engine-optimized websites and devising successful strategies to increase online visibility.

Social Media Management: Manage social media landscape, create engaging content, and help clients manage their online communities.

Video Editors: Make moments unforgettable with your video editing skills, crafting compelling visual narratives as part of our team.

Web Designers: If you have a talent for creating attractive and usable websites, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our web design group.

Why Choose Us:

Innovative Environment: Find yourself among a team that grows on creativity and innovation, where your ideas are appreciated, and your talent is seen.

Collaborative Culture: Collaboration is our area of belief. You will collaborate with a wide variety of professionals who share your passion for marketing.

Client-Centric Approach: Everything we do revolves around our clients. Be a member of a team focused on helping businesses thrive.

Continuous Growth: We are dedicated to the personal development of our team members. Training, resources, and opportunities to grow your skills will be available for you.

Impactful Work: Your efforts will be the centerpiece of their success narratives.

How to Apply:

If you are ready to become a member of our marketing experts team and help us change the world in which we live, do not hesitate to contact us! Make sure to send your resume along with a cover letter …

Twenty8 Marketing believes that its greatest asset is the team. Amazon constantly seeks to recruit outstanding talent so that it can continue providing quality marketing solutions. Come along on this fantastic journey and become a part of something exceptional. Your talent, our success!

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